Get Mentored: RAW

Sand Hill Angels has been working with startups for nearly 20 years and we pride ourselves on being more than just a source of capital. Our members are a rich source of information and mentoring throughout a company’s lifetime. Having a great idea is only the first step in the process of building a venture. Learning to effectively communicate your idea, as well as garner interest and excitement around it, are also critical to success.

RAW is one of our ways to nurture early-stage startups outside of our fundraising process. We provide real-time advice in a fast-paced, low-pressure environment that’s ideal for learning, socializing and networking. Entrepreneurs deliver five-minute elevator pitches to an audience of SHA members, invited guests, and fellow participants, followed by a quick Q&A, member impressions and advice. If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to learn from, and get connected to, the start-up community, RAW is for you.

Apply for a space in an upcoming RAW by filling out an application.

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Please note: RAW is not a fund raising opportunity. It only provides coaching and mentoring. If you are looking for investment, please use our funding application.