Visionary Leader, Entrepreneur, Life & Leadership Coach and non-profit Board Member with 20+ years experience starting, building and operating businesses.

Leadership and Management Profile: Hands-on executive with ability to see the big picture and define a winning strategy as well as, implement the plan with close attention to details. Hires employees based on a concept of building agile high performance teams with cross functional role substitution and redundancy. Team building initiatives also include personnel mentoring, organizational coaching, and creating leadership development programs. Appreciates the role of culture and diversity on organizational behavior and strives to always include a cross cultural perspective when creating programs that involve a global focus. Implemented contract management, vendor selection, and Human Resources systems that sustained themselves with progressively reduced management oversight.

Business Development Experience:

Extensive experience and success in developing leads, building client relationships, negotiating and closing business deals. Started career selling vacuum cleaners door to door and later founded and sold a company to Monster.com. Consultative selling experience, good listening skills, creative problem solver and graceful crisis manager. Good communication skills, working with various hierarchies and across different functions in an organization.

Training and Organizational Development Initiatives:

Deep experience hiring, training and developing Sales, Recruiting, and Support personnel. Organized Leadership training programs and Curriculum management; led the coaching team for Women Leaders for the World Program. Taught software courses as well as trained technical faculty in a large information services provider and training organization.

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