Bin Lu is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. His technical expertise is internet-connected embedded systems and chip architecture design. Most of his career has been focused on products intended for consumer markets. After completing a masters in EE, he worked for Mobilink Telecom, Inc., a leading supplier of chipsets and reference designs for mobile phones, PDAs and cellular modem cards. Mobilink was acquired by Broadcom in 2002. In 2001, Bin joined Spreadtrum, one of the leading companies making chips for 3G and 4G LTE wireless modems in smartphones. Bin joined Spreadtrum as its 15th employee, eventually becoming SVP of Engineering and managing a team of 400-500 employees. In 2007, Spreadtrum went public on Nasdaq in an offering that valued the company at $1.7B. Since leaving Spreadtrum in 2008, Bin has started several companies in Asia and the US. These companies have been focused on products for consumers, and have addressed opportunities in mobile phone products, US/China logistics, mobile payments, and recreational products.

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