George Jones serves as president of Pathion Inc., a fast-growing energy storage systems company headquartered in Silicon Valley. In this capacity, he has responsibility for all aspects of Pathion, including operations, finance, engineering, sales, and marketing across three locations. Pathion’s products include advanced battery-based stationary energy storage systems, microgrid controllers, and hybrid marine propulsion systems. Mr. Jones has served as deal lead on multiple acquisitions and IP/product licenses while at Pathion. Prior to Pathion, Mr. Jones was VP/GM of AppliedMicro’s Connectivity Products [NASDAQ:AMCC]. Chartered to turn the group around, he increased revenue by 10%/quarter in 2012 and 2013 to exceed $100M and become AppliedMicro’s largest business unit as measured by both revenue and margins. Mr. Jones led several successful mergers and acquisitions during this time, including a Denmark-based company for which he served as president. Previously, as RMI Corporation’s first VP of Sales, Mr. Jones built a high-performance sales team from the ground up to win significant engagements with Tier 1 networking, security, telecommunication, and media customers, leading to $80M of revenue. The company was acquired by NetLogic. The year following the acquisition, the RMI business unit met its $120M revenue earn-out threshold. NetLogic was later acquired by Broadcom. Mr. Jones was a co-founder and chief executive officer of Phase II Technical Sales, a leader among technical sales representatives with offices up and down the west coast of the US. He also co-founded Sand Hill Angels, a leading angel investment group in Silicon Valley and has served as a board member and vice-president over the years. Mr. Jones earned an MBA at the Wharton School, and a holds a bachelor of electrical engineering degree from Georgia Tech.

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