What is life without Imagination? Harsh Luthra has been dreaming up great business ideas since he was in high school. Harsh is experienced in business development, sales, marketing operations and the growth of a business into a profitable venture.  Harsh has formed a successful business in Automotive e-commerce in 1997 and then a media business a few years later.  In 2009 Harsh founded a solar energy development company and still develops large scale solar energy projects. 

Harsh has studied Biology, South Asian Studies, and Economics from University of Pennsylvania and then Corporate Law from Quinnipiac University.

Harsh has always had a deep interest in computers and technology since the personal computer was invented.  Harsh is a Apple geek at heart, who loves clean design and high quality with intuitive user experience.  As an investor he is looking for great leaders who can keep things simple and grow companies with integrity and public trust.  Harsh also is an environmentalist looking for social impact companies which can make an impact on our planet. 

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