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Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and GE-trained leader with a keen eye for emerging markets and technology trends. The first half of Jeff’s career was starting businesses, leading turn-arounds and/or building market share for divisions of General Electric and General Motors. The second half of Jeff’s career has been focused on building new businesses and market opportunities as an entrepreneur. He has also worked mentoring Stanford entrepreneurial teams in MSE273, CEE246 and StartX, technologies including solar, bio-tech, wi-fi navigation, AI and energy efficiency monitoring.

Jeff’s latest venture is Basvah, LLC, focused on investing in energy storage technologies and their commercialization. Prior to his current venture, Jeff founded Imara Corp in 2006, a venture capital funded high power/high energy Li Ion battery company.

Jeff founded Motion Sense, a MEMS semiconductor company providing integrated gesture control and location-aware solutions for handheld devices and game controllers. During his career, Jeff has consulted with both early stage and Fortune 100 companies on how to capitalize on emerging technologies such as knowledge management software, interactive digital cable, fuel cells, water purification, and LED lighting.

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