Jyoti's career has been in technology, building products, developing partnerships, scaling systems, and forming diverse teams. She has held key leadership roles, most recently at Facebook, where for four years she built partnerships for connectivity solutions for emerging markets, and worked with data analytics for privacy initiatives.

She came to Facebook from Microsoft, where for five years she ran a team of 50+ people, and built 30+ partnerships that launched 150+ global products. Prior to that she spent twelve years at Motorola developing the first GPRS network and positioning Razor and Moto F3 for emerging markets.

Jyoti enjoys running and is committed to running one marathon a year. She has completed 12 marathons in 10 states so far and is training for her next race.

She and her husband, Chris, relocated to the Bay Area in 2015. She is using this post-Facebook period to learn about the world of startups through investing, while looking for her next role in a purpose-driven company.

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