Ming graduated from Cornell University with dual master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Upon graduation, Ming moved to bay area and worked for Marvell Semiconductor and Apple Inc. In his past job experiences, he utilized his knowledge on both the hardware and software to create problem solving applications. At Apple, he worked on the test and calibration algorithm for Apple’s touch technology on various products. He also had the opportunities to visit the manufactories and to deploy the SW for mass production. Ming joined the investment theme through introduction of his close friends, now investment partners. He has invested in a local start up company that he later worked very closely with and got to experience the start up culture. Seeing the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship, Ming decided to become a full time investor and to not just invest in innovative technologies and ideas, but to also build a platform that gather resources and talents to serve start-up companies. Ming’s investment focus is intelligent hardware. Hardware devices that are powered by intelligent software and algorithm, and serve as real world applications. Besides investment, I like cars.

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