Rick Lazansky, vice president of product development for Xpedion Design Systems, designing and building RFIC design and analysis tools for the wireless and highest-speed semiconductor industry. He joined Xpedion in late 2001, helped raise capital from Menlo Ventures and Telesoft, and has led product development out of chaos and into 45 of the top 50 RFIC companies, including Qualcomm, Skyworks, and TI.

Prior to Xpedion, Rick assembled the team and led product development at RedSpark (an Autodesk spin-out in which he was the only non-Autodesk executive) where he developed web-based collaborative design chain solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Rick is also Chairman and founder of Denali Software, the intellectual property and electronic design automation technology and market leader in memory systems and protocol verification. He was co-founder and vice president of engineering at Vantage Analysis Systems, where he managed the first VHDL simulator development team. He pioneered the use of high-level-design languages, starting in 1982 with the commercial success of the first behavioral simulation system while managing the simulation department at Silvar-Lisco.

Rick has been involved in 8 startup ventures, included color facsimile image compression, hardware, MEMS, and small office/home management software. He holds a MSCE from Stanford University, and a BS in Economics and Information (Computer) Science from UCSC.

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