I love to bridge gaps - for example, the gap between start-ups and global corporations - and within companies, the gap between sales and engineering - or more generically, the gap between creativity and delivery. For corporates, I provide a presence in Silicon Valley, the world's innovation capital. As a Silicon Valley insider, I help companies create mind share within the Silicon Valley ecosystem, as well as provide access to deal-flow. To start-ups, I provide an executive-level perspective on how to best reach commercial scale. Activities include business modeling/planning, supply chain creation/optimization, building engineering teams, organization-level planning & recruiting, generating sales, and putting in metrics and processes for weekly decision making to drive the business forward. I've worked in enterprise, consumer, entertainment, and automotive industries with on-the-ground experience in USA, Europe, and Asia. My technical expertise includes artificial intelligence, consumer software, games development, video/media, and wearables devices / hardware.