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AnyMeeting offers a full-featured web conferencing product designed and priced for small business, including a completely free ad-supported option. They provide all the features a small business needs – including 6-way video conferencing, conference calling, built-in VoIP, screen sharing, presentation sharing, video sharing, recording, mobile, social media integration, webinar ticketing, and more – in one, easy-to-use package.

Their software is completely web based and runs inside a web browser. That means no annoying downloads required for your attendees, unlike with many of their competitors. Attendees can join with just a single click on the meeting link. It’s lighting fast and super easy.

AnyMeeting costs less than major competitors, starting at just $18/month for meetings with up to 25 attendees, and $78/month for webinars with up to 200 attendees. Of course, there's always the completely free ad-supported option that allows you to host meetings or webinars with up to 200 attendees.

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