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We strive to deliver the most effective research, market commentary and investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors.

BitBull Capital manages cryptocurrency hedge funds, including BitBull Fund, the first cryptocurrency fund of funds, and BitBull Opportunistic Fund, which directly invests in crypto assets. BitBull Fund manages a strategically selected bundle of 10 of the more than 600 crypto hedge funds for its investors, including gaining access to exclusive, closed funds and $M-minimum funds. As such, BitBull is uniquely positioned to understand the active management strategies and managers in crypto. BitBull Opportunistic is a direct investment vehicle into crypto that leverages this diligence by making specific investments and focusing on specific styles that BitBull believes may return favorably.

BitBull also runs BitBull Research, which regularly publishes the Crypto Investing Newsletter, available for a free subscription at, as well as an Opportunistic Deals Memo, available only to investors.

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