Chimera Bioengineering aspires to control the immune system. By the time a patient is sitting in front of an oncologist, cancer has evaded their immune system. Chimeric antigen receptor T-cells (CARs) are reprogrammed immune cells, hot-wired to circumvent immune-evasion. Clinical trials for CARs against liquid tumor cancers, like acute lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoma, have shown transformative results for patients unresponsive to standard therapy.

However, limited efficacy against solid tumor cancers, life-threatening toxicities, and limited persistence are impediments to these therapies making a wider impact on cancer patients.

Chimera Bioengineering solves the challenges of CARs with drug-responsive gene regulators, which allow us to re-program the "software" of the immune system. They design CAR behavior that promises to minimize toxicity, maximize efficacy and extend persistence so that CARs can lead to cures.

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