CirrusMD develops “closed loop” virtual care solutions for value-based healthcare organizations. We allow everyone to access convenient, timely medical care with local physicians in the same way that doctors address concerns for their friends and family – through text messaging, phone and video chat. Our HIPAA-compliant platform allows providers to offer secure text, image sharing and video visits to patients via mobile devices and web browsers.

Why We Are Different:

• Experts in Value-Based Care: we focus on value-based care models, not the legacy fee-for-service/pay-per-use structure prevalent in virtual care.

• Continuous Loop: we take a “continuous loop” approach to data where the local doctors staffing our service have access to the patient’s data and then funnel data from our platform back to the patient’s PCP or care manager.

• Truly Effective Virtual Care: we enable episodes of care that can take place over several days or weeks with doctors managing a patient’s care (versus a one-off interaction with no opportunity for further engagement/follow up).

• Asynchronous Care: we offer a text-first, asynchronous workflow; more than 80% of encounters start with texting between a patient and doctor. Our platform also enables video chat, image transfer and phone conversations when additional information is needed.

• Local Doctors: we partner with cohesive groups of local doctors to staff our implementations; they staff the service on a shift basis with reciprocity and common medical direction for seamless care continuity.

We are engaged in business development opportunities with major health systems, insurance companies, MCOs, ACOs, government payer programs, and corporate health and wellness plans.

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