RealKey is a Better Way to Buy and Finance Your Home.

RealKey is a web-based platform that brings all parties involved in buying a house and getting a mortgage together into a single unified portal where all communication, updates, information, and documentation collection is automated through an intuitive UI and robust algorithms built by the nation's top mortgage originator and Intuit's CTO/GM of Innovation. RealKey is the universal way to apply for a mortgage. buy a house, and store all your pertinent financing and property related information and documentation for future access and updates.

The first true end-to-end digital solution. The RealKey ID attached to each consumer and/or property can be shared to buy or refinance with any lender or realtor via an open API, containing all the data needed from a consumer to buy or finance a home. The Open API allows RealKey to automatically send and obtain information with any system(s) currently used by professionals, allowing users to continue business as usual using the same internal systems they are familiar with. Integrations like Intuit, ADP/Paychex, and Mint help users automate information and documentation collection to buy a house and get a mortgage in as little as a single day, regardless of who they choose to do business with.

RealKey, home buying and financing has never been simpler.

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