Sand Hill Angels Understands Entrepreneurs


Sand Hill Angels (SHA) makes seed-stage investments in disruptive, scalable technologies to build profitable businesses. Our 120+ members are experienced technology entrepreneurs, business leaders, and angel investors who are interested in investing and mentoring. Our members are active in the startup ecosystem — many are active in organizations like StartX and belong to other angel groups, and several are venture capitalists.

Our sweet spot is companies that value patient capital and the long-term support that our extensive networks can provide. Through our network, entrepreneurs can leverage our members’ relationships to access customers, channels, service providers, and other connections needed by growing startups.



Our Track Record Speaks for itself

Sand Hills Angels is one of the largest, most experienced, and most active angel groups in the country:

  • 20 years of experience with 130+ accredited, successful high-technology members. All are founders and/or executives interested in mentoring and investing.

  • The majority of our investments make it to their next round of funding.

  • Through our network you gain access to member insights, customers, channels, service providers, and other connections growing startups need.

  • Our members are active in the startup ecosystem—including StartX, angel groups, accelerators/incubators or VCs.

Who we invest in

Sand Hill Angels is primarily focused on seed-stage, high-tech companies.

  • We look for large and growing markets, well-defined problems, disruptive solutions, defensible technology, clear go-to-market plans, and strong teams that have a demonstrated ability to execute.

  • Sand Hill Angels typically invests in companies that have a developed product that is in alpha/beta stage, or delivering revenue.  In most cases the company will have significant customer relationships.

  • The companies we support have big plans for growth that will often also require venture capital financing. For this reason we build strong relationships with local venture capital firms.



Where we invest

  • Sand Hill Angels prefers to invest in companies located in Northern California to promote active engagement with our portfolio throughout the early stages of development.

  • However, we occasionally invest nationally and we do have portfolio companies based around the United States.

  • Sand Hill Angels typically does not invest internationally, but does in special circumstances. Sand Hill Angels does not invest in real estate deals.

How we invest

  • For each investment Sand Hill Angels makes, we form a single LLC that aggregates the entire interest of Sand Hill Angels members in the deal. As a result, our investment appears as a single entry in the company’s cap table. Sand Hill Angels also identifies a single point of contact for the entrepreneur, which greatly facilitates communication between SHA and the company.

  • Our typical investment range goes from as little as $50,000 to more than $1,000,000. We prefer to invest in priced equity rounds, though we also invest in convertible notes or SAFE notes when appropriate.



How we are run

  • Sand Hill Angels is primarily a volunteer organization, overseen by a Board of Directors elected from the membership.

  • Most of the deal-related work, including our entire deal screening process and our due diligence work, is managed and performed by our members. Day-to-day operations are run by a small staff. SHA is funded through memberships fees and partnership agreements.

  • Sand Hill Angels members make independent investment decisions, and SHA does not provide investment advice to members. SHA investments are the aggregate of individual member funding commitments. SHA does not operate a fund, share in the profit of member investments, or charge presenting companies any fees.


Sand Hill Angels has unique relationships with several curated partners to work together to grow thought leadership and increase entrepreneurial exposure within the startup ecosystem.


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