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Membership in Sand Hill Angels is open to Accredited Investors (see who are interested in being active in the investment process and who want to invest their own money into start-ups and diversify their portfolio.  Members pay an initiation fee, annual dues, and make annual investments that exceed a required minimum amount.

Sand Hill Angels encourages interested, qualified members to attend several meetings to understand our process and culture, and meet current investor and Board Directors.  Prospective members are assigned to a member of our Membership Committee to assist them through the process and answer any questions they may have.

Membership in Sand Hill Angels is not suitable for everyone.  Our membership process is designed to ensure that expectations are discussed and understood by both the prospective member and Sand Hill Angels.  If there is mutual interest, one-on-one interviews are conducted prior to the prospective member's nomination to the Sand Hill Angels Board of Directors for membership approval.

Please note that unlike many angel groups, we do not admit prospective members whose overriding interest is in offering services to presenting start-up companies. 


Membership RequirementS

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Sand Hill Angels seeks members who want to invest own money into start-ups and diversify their portfolio.

Active Participation

Sand Hill Angels members are expected to participate in the organization. This includes not only attending meetings and investing, but also participating in deal-related activities such as sourcing, screening, leading deals through our investment process, due diligence, and mentoring. Sand Hill Angels members are committed to the long-term success of all Sand Hill Angels portfolio companies, and remain involved and in contact with key stakeholders to help our portfolio companies succeed.

Members are also expected to volunteer to serve on the board and serve on our various committees. Our committees include Deal Sourcing and Syndication, Deal Screening, Partnerships, Internships, Marketing/Events and Membership. Members collaborate with and make their networks available to other members, building and establishing relationships in order to evaluate deals and add value to the organization.

Members must agree to abide by our conflict of interest policy, and maintain the confidentiality of candidate company information.

Preferred Background

Sand Hill Angels prefers members who have prior angel investing experience, but is open to members who are eager to learn through participation with the guidance of a mentor member. Our members are accomplished in building start-ups and have strong domain expertise that can be brought to bear in the evaluation of investment opportunities and add value to portfolio companies.

Members should also be interested in assisting and giving back to the entrepreneur community and ecosystem.

SHA encourages and practices diversity. We are proud to have an increasingly diverse membership base. Please note that Sand Hill Angels does not admit prospective members whose overriding interest is in offering services to presenting start-up companies.

Benefits of membership

Sand Hill Angels members benefit from diverse expertise, shared due diligence, and collective mindshare.

Membership in our angel group allows members to aggregate their individual investments, and enables each member to create a more diversified portfolio than they could on their own.

Sand Hill Angels is typically able to negotiate information and pro-rata follow-on investment rights, and often invests enough money to negotiate being a board member or board observer at our Portfolio Companies.



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