Sand Hill Angels is More than Capital. We’re Mentor Capital

Sand Hill Angels has been working with startups for almost 20 years and we pride ourselves on being more than just a source of capital.

Sand Hill Angels RAW

Our members are a rich source of information and mentoring throughout a company’s lifetime. Having a great idea is only the first step in the process of building a venture. Learning to effectively communicate your idea, as well as garner interest and excitement around it, are also critical to success. Sand Hill Angels members gives back to the ecosystem in several ways, Sand Hill Angels RAW, one on one sessions, event participation….

If you’re running a start-up, you need capital. After friends & family rounds, and your own influx of personal capital, seeking money from angel investors is the next step. Angels investors invest their own money in early-stage startups. 

If you’ve never raised money before, the process may seem daunting. After all, most companies start looking for investment when they have nothing but a prototype, a few users, product, and an incomplete executive team. Is that enough to impress investors?

Even if you are already well into the fundraising process, getting feedback from investors about what they look for can be an invaluable experience.  



The RAW format iS 5-5-5

1. Five minutes of presentation

Presentation woman.png

It's some kind of "elevator pitch", but you have to present your project without any slides. Imagine that you meet an investor in a restaurant and he gives you 5 minutes to talk with him while he finishes his cup of coffee.

2. Five minutes of Q&A

Q&A Talk.png

The next step is a 5 minute Q&A session. How you answer questions is as important as what you present.

3. Five minutes of non-rebuttal feedback


The feedback part is the key attraction of RAW. Presenters want to know what they should do the next few months to build a great business. All attendees provide written feedback to all of the entrepreneurs— but only the investors get to talk here.


Other SHA Mentoring



Sand Hill Angels members spend a lot of time mentoring companies until they are ready to present at Sand Hill Angels.  The best way to take advantage of this is meet a member in person at a networking event or get an introduction through a mutual friend — cold emailing and reaching out on LinkedIn are less effective.


SHA members often participate in panels, fireside chats, venture competitions and much more outside of SHA to highlight their experiences in industry, startups and angel investing.



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What people are saying about Sand Hill Angels Mentoring

Mark Mitchell, SHA Member

Mark Mitchell, SHA Member

There’s an old saying that ‘When you want advice, ask for money; when you want money, ask for advice.’ I hope you will take advantage of the chance to ask for advice about asking for money at Sand Hill Angels RAW.
— Mark Mitchell, Investor Member at Sand Hill Angels and Enterprise SIG Committee Chair


I was in charge of Deal Screening for 6 years at Sand Hills Angels and was frustrated when I couldn’t help entrepreneurs when they asked what could they could do better and why we didn’t fund them— I finally realized we should have an event where we gave feedback and took funding off the table
— Rick Lazansky, Investor Member, Former Sand Hill Angels President and Former Chair of the Screening Committee


It was certainly one of the best run and informative pitch events we have been to.
— Martin Pidel, CMO, SmartGurlz (Shark Tank)
steve lamont, sha member

steve lamont, sha member

I recommend RAW as a great first step for founders looking to raise money — to practice their pitch, learn from others, work out the kinks in the story before applying to angel groups, and in some cases meet some interested investors early.
— Steve Lamont