Sand Hill Angels is a group of Silicon Valley angel investors who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get to the next level. What makes the group unique is the collective experience of its members building and scaling deep technology companies. The group has been around for close to two decades.

Sand Hill Angels works openly and collaboratively with venture capital funds, other angel organizations, and the Bay Area ecosystem that fosters the growth of technology startups.


Sand Hill Angels RAW

pitch practice


Do you want to know what investors think about your startup and how to improve it?

If you’ve never raised money before, or even if you are well into fundraising, the process may seem daunting. Getting feedback from investors about what they look for can be an invaluable experience.

At Sand Hill Angels RAW our investors provide real-time advice in a fast-paced, low-pressure environment that’s ideal for learning, socializing, and networking. Apply now to receive more information about dates. 


Invest with Us


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Do you want to become an active angel investor in our network?

We are interested in growing our membership and welcome your potential involvement. Apply and a membership committee lead will contact you. Prospective members attend meetings and learn about our investment approach/process and the organization to ensure a mutually beneficial fit.

We are a volunteer organization seeking prospective member investors who are interested in actively participating and mentoring.  Sand Hill Angels looks for members who leverage their networks to source and vet deals, adding value to the group and our portfolio companies.


Sand Hill Angels Spotlights

Sand Hill Angels Members, Portfolio Companies, and Partners are up to exciting things.  Read more about them below.

Portfolio & Member Spotlight: Beyond Meat early investor — Management has made all the right moves

CNBC Television, Published on Jun 7, 2019

Gregg Smith, Sand Hill Angels member and early venture capital investor in SHA Portfolio Company Beyond Meat, discusses the company's earnings report and whether it can maintain the astronomical pace of returns since its IPO.


What's behind the boom in automotive semiconductor startups

By Drue Freeman, Originally Published on

A slew of semiconductor startups are gaining traction in the automotive industry, some of which even have funding from automakers and suppliers — a development that signals a major shift in this space.

The big picture: Startups hoping to enter the automotive chip market used to encounter skeptical manufacturers and an industry that frowned upon cash-poor startups. But demand for innovation in connectivity, sensor technology and processing capability has opened the field up for them.


Illustration:Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Illustration:Rebecca Zisser/Axios

photo courtesy of INC: Married co-founders fran dunaway (Middle left) and naomi gonzalez (middle right) with tombox customers in their undergarmets.

photo courtesy of INC: Married co-founders fran dunaway (Middle left) and naomi gonzalez (middle right) with tombox customers in their undergarmets.

portfolio company spotlight: Forbes Inc 5000 — TomboyX

How This Underwear Brand Found Massive Success By Taking Gender Out of the Equation

By Kate Rockwood, Contributing editor, Inc.

Sand Hill Angels Portfolio Company TomboyX was listed number 231 in the Forbes Inc 5000 — their list of the 5000 most inspiring companies of 2018. If entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of an economy, consider Inc.'s ranking of 5,000 companies America's circulatory system.



Sand Hill Angels Events


Sand Hill Angels actively participates in various events both internally and outside in the start-up ecosystem



COMING SOON: MARCH 2020 - Bay Area, CA

Learn how to take your venture to the next level from people who’ve been there, done that. Escape Velocity is a half-day event where you’ll select topics from two simultaneous tracks on how to build a company and go-to market. The short, interactive talks are given by Silicon Valley experts. Explore these topics further with your peers and mentors in breakout rooms. The experience finishes with a happy hour and networking.



Sand Hill Angels Preferred Partners

Sand Hill Angels has unique relationships with several curated partners who work together to grow thought leadership and increase entrepreneurial exposure within the startup ecosystem.